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  • Led by Prof. Dr. Luiz Rizzo - Director of Research and Development at Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein.

  • The biggest ARO in Latin America, part of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein , a top ranking Hospital. Total of 50 hospitals/clinics between private and publics institutions are part of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein health system facilities in Brazil.

  • Design and delivering trials (full-service) in collaboration with industry and Ministry of Health since 2017 - more than 3 Mega trials as well as > 15 thousand patients enrolled in more than 80 centers;

  • 100+ Staff delivering >31 trials in 10 therapeutic areas (mainly Cardiology and Oncology).

  • Access to Hospital Einstein physicians and technology hub (Innovation, teaching and Bid data) and a network of research sites in Brazil, LatAm and beyond.

  • Experience of working in Global trials and conducting trials as ARO responsible for LatAM with additional reach via  close partnerships.

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  • Led by Professor Kausik Ray and Professor Neil Poulter.

  •  20-year history of designing and delivering trials (full-service) in collaboration with industry - both for Imperial-sponsored and Industry-sponsored research.

  •  An ARO that is linked to the UKCRC registered Imperial Clinical Trials Unit.

  •  Part of Imperial College London – a globally renowned university that specialises in science, technology and medicine.

  • Imperial has a greater proportion of world-leading research than any other UK university, according to the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

  • Access to Imperial academics and clinicians.

  • Experience of working directly in 20+ countries, with additional reach via close partnerships.

  • Led by Professor Dorairaj Prabhakaran

  • Focus of Clinical Trials include:


    • BEHAVIOURAL STRATEGY TRIALS (DISHA, LIVING, YOGA in in Cardiac Rehabilitation, Diabetes Prevention & Heart Failure)


  • Summary of Impact

    • Trials conducted: 17

    • Centres: 150+ / Investigators: 250+

    • Patients: 50,000+

    • Publications: 150+

    • Funding raised: ~US$ 12 million

  • Knowledge partner: Indian Clinical Trial and Education Network (INTENT)

  • National Clinical Research Awards: ISCR/ACCRI

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  • UCT based Coordinating Center for Cardiovascular Disease based  Clinical Trials and Registries in South African and sub-Saharan Africa

  • Currently led by Professor Mpiko Ntsekhe (Vice President-PASCAR)

  • UCT has been the number one ranked university in Africa and is 77th (best placed African University) in the world in clinical and health sciences.

  • Over a decade of designing and coordinating clinical trials and prospective registries in across sub-Saharan Africa

  • MRG/UCT based Investigators have been the Overall Principal Investigator, National PI, and/or Study Steering Committee Members for >21 Multi-center International Clinical Trials and Registries in cardiovascular disease

  • UCT-based investigators are global leaders in clinical trials in the areas of HIV Medicine and related infectious diseases

  • A leading clinical research organisation based in Sri Lanka.

  • Over 13 years of proven of track record in participating global studies for major global pharmaceutical organisations and academic institutions.

  • 48 clinical trials (completed and ongoing) for global clients, across 12 therapeutic areas and 8000+ participants 

  • Leading the recruitment and retention metrics for many studies, globally

  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:27001 certified company 

  • 106 full time staff working closely with 300+ Investigators across 77 Investigator centres

  • Long successful collaboration with Clinical Trials Unit (CTU), Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya

  • 30+ client audits  - No significant observations reported

  • Robust governance structure, guided by an accomplished board of directors and eminent international scientific advisory panel

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  • Led by Professors Anushka Patel (global), Bruce Neal (Australia), Vivekanand Jha (India) and Otavio Berwanger (UK).

  • 20+ year history of designing and conducting global clinical and community trials with academic and industry partners.

  • Affiliated with UNSW Sydney and in collaboration with Imperial College London and Manipal Academy of Higher Education in India.

  • More than 100 staff globally, based in Australia, China, India and Europe, currently delivering >90 trials in >40 countries and in >2,000 sites

  • Experience in >10 therapeutic areas across a range of different settings including in communities, in primary care and in tertiary environments.

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