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What We Do

What is an ARO? How can Cognitum Consortium help with preparation and execution of a clinical trial? 


Read below to find out! 

What is an ARO?

An Academic Research Organisation (ARO) is an academic and / or not-for-profit institution that performs one or more functions in the conduct of clinical trials.

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Benefits of an ARO

Learn about the benefits of engaging an ARO to successfully execute your clinical trial, study or implementation research

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Therapeutic Areas

Cognitum Consortium's core areas are cardio-metabolic diseases, however we have experience in almost all areas of research.


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About clincal trial

About Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies which evaluate new tests & treatments and their impact on human health outcomes. Participants are recruited into clinical trials to test medical interventions including medical devices, drugs, and other biological products. Clinical trials are performed in four phases and are stringently monitored by ethics committees and regulatory bodies throughout the study timeline. The data collected are then analysed to evaluate the trial's hypotheses.

Cognitum Consortium's market focus will be on Phase III and IV trials mainly in the Cardio-metabolic area initially.

Overview of Trial Phases

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What is an ARO

What is an ARO?

An Academic Research Organisation (ARO) is an academic and/or not-for-profit institution that performs one or more functions in the conduct of clinical trials including Clinical Trial Setup, Delivery and Implementation.

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Cognitum Consortium fosters collaboration between several AROs, which sets us apart from other national AROs. Each world-class institution of the consortium brings scientific and clinical leadership, operational expertise, and technologies – such that we can offer the key strengths of CRO’s and ARO’s from one entity.


Our teams work closely with each other, with our colleagues from within each organisation, and with our peers and partners around the world. As independent academic research organisations, we are able to challenge conventional approaches and explore innovative ways to accelerate the translation of scientific discovery into better care for patients everywhere.

Below are just some of the functions Cognitum can perform during trial conception, setup, delivery and beyond:

  • Study Conception & design

  • Document creation including protocols and manuals

  • Ethics and regulatory submissions

  • Project management

  • Database design and development

  • Site selection and set-up

  • Contract and financial negotiations

  • Site Initiation Visits and site training

  • Monitoring  

  • Recruitment and retention

  • Financial management

  • Study close-out activities

  • Dissemination and Implementation

Benefits of an ARO

Benefits of an ARO

Standards for clinical trial design, execution, and publication have increased in recent years. The current structure for interaction among pharmaceutical sponsored funding a drug or device development program, relies heavily on the use of a contract research organization (CRO) that typically assists in executing the trial and interacting with regulatory agencies, and academics. 


The current landscape of drug and device development brings both the opportunity for treatment advances and the challenge of choosing among agents to assure maximum benefit, minimum risk, and acceptable cost.


The execution of large clinical trials as part of this development process typically involves a dynamic interaction between the sponsor funding the development program, a research organization hired to help the sponsor execute the trial, and academic experts who provide scientific oversight and interpret trial results.


Academic Research Organization's (ARO's) can provide full service clinical trial management, as well as provide the following additional benefits:

  • In-house clinical expertise and academic/scientific expertise

  • Direct/streamlined access to investigator sites via professional and personal relationships

  • All members are linked to world-class institutions and partners, providing worldwide reach

  • Reputation for high-impact publications

  • The ability to directly influence clinical practice

  • A direct understanding of implementation gaps

  • Competitive costs

  • More likely to be trusted by participants since there is no sales-bias, resulting in higher recruitment rates

  • Site relationship and trust – we treat sites as our partners, and they see us as their peers.

  • Personal and direct contact with the investigators, resulting in efficient communication.

Therapeutic Areas

Therapeutic areas

Cognitum's core expertise is in the area of cardio-metabolic diseases, however we have experience across several areas of research. 

Our main areas of interest are:

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Additional therapeutic areas of interest are children’s health, women’s health, and brain health (which combines traditional brain diseases as well as mental health).

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