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Member Organisations and Our Team


The Cognitum Consortium will foster collaboration in clinical research by bringing together multiple “best in class” institutions across the globe with a track-record of excellence when delivering industry sponsored or funded trials. 

Founding Institutions


Click a logo below to find out more about our world-leading founding member institutions 

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TGI collaborates with George Clinical

(a CRO originally founded by TGI)

for the delivery of commercial clinical trials.

Meet The Team


The team at Cognitum ARO Consortium are industry leaders, with years of experience in both academia and industry, and a proven track-record of delivering excellence. Learn more about our founding members below or click on their image for more information. 

Professor Neil Poulter
Professor Kausik Ray
Chair in Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine, Imperial College London |
Founding Director of the Imperial Clinical Trials Unit and the Cognitum ARO Consortium | Deputy Director of ICTU-Global
Chair in Public Health | Deputy Director of the Imperial Clinical Trials Unit (ICTU) | Director of ICTU-Global 
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Professor Prabhakaran Dorairaj
Executive Director, Centre for Chronic Disease Control
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Professor Anushka Patel
Chief Executive Officer of The George Institute for Global Health | Scientia Professor at UNSW (University of New South Wales) Sydney
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Professor Luiz Rizzo
Director of Research and Development Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
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Professor Asita de Silva
Founder of RemediumOne | Senior Professor of Pharmacology & Director, Clinical Trials Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka
Professor Otavio Berwanger
Executive Director for The George Institute for Global Health | UK and Chair in Public Health at Imperial College London
Professor Mpiko Ntsekhe
Professor and Chair of Cardiology at the University of Cape Town | Head of the Cardiac Clinic at Groote Schuur Hospital | Director of the Mayosi Research Group - University of Cape Town
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Dr Gaia Kiru
Operations Lead - Cognitum ARO Consortium |  Head of Partnerships & Operations, ICTU (Imperial Clinical Trials Unit)-Global
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Dr Arun Jose
Head - BRIDGE Centre for Digital Health, Centre for Chronic Disease Control
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Our Preferred Partners

Our preferred partners enable us to provide complete end-to-end delivery of clinical trials and studies.


These carefully selected vendors have proven expertise in their respective service areas and have successfully passed our vendor qualification and due diligence exercises. They are committed to providing exceptional service with competitive pricing. 

CP stack.png

ClientPharma excels in delivering swift, precise, and dependable pharmaceutical supply. With unrivaled service and unparalleled access, we diligently source and provide commercial drug products for global clinical trials, setting a new standard within the industry.

From offering essential clinical research samples to catering to the bulk supplies crucial for your pivotal trials, we boast an extensive network and unmatched expertise to offer strategic sourcing solutions at every stage of clinical research.

Trust in ClientPharma for a transformative impact on your pharmaceutical endeavours

Click on the ClientPharma logo to find out more!

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